antoine crespin

antoine crespin


Antoine Crespin is an illustrator and story boarder who graduated with honours
from ESAG Penninghen, a French high ranked graphic design school.
Antoine Crespin is working on story boards, illustrations and aviation art.

If you wish to order any comissioned painting, or require any information,
please contact me on: 


Illustrateur diplômé avec mention très bien de l’ESAG Penninghen, Antoine Crespin
travaille sur des story-boards, mais également sur des illustrations aéronautiques
comme des affiches de meetings aériens ou encore des dessins à la demande.

Pour toute commande ou demande d’information :


Antoine Crespin ist ein Illustrator und Storyboarder, der sein Studium mit Auszeichnung an der ESAG Penninghen, einer hochrangigen französischen Grafikdesign-Hochschule, abgeschlossen hat. Antoine Crespin arbeitet an Storyboards, Illustrationen und Luftfahrtkunst.

Wenn Sie ein Auftragswerk bestellen möchten oder weitere Informationen benötigen, kontaktieren Sie mich bitte unter:


2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hello .. I was also very moved by Clostermans book of the Second World War. It is one of the best, immediate yet thoughtful.
    I was wondering if you could draw a portrait of him standing next to his Typhoon fighter. I have a lot of art so was thinking of a smaller piece, about 8 by 10 inches. Pen and ink and maybe a wash, something like the style you did for your thesis.

    What do you think… James Henkel


    1. Hello James,
      It does sound like an exciting project. Could you contact me on my email address (indicated in “contacts”
      So we could talk a little more about your wishes?



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